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Enhance the driving experience through a more strategic ownership of luxury and exotic vehicles. Through the use of technology and unparalleled service RP Exotics creates a portfolio approach to vehicle management.



RP Exotics strives to make your buying experience as easy and enjoyable as possible! We are a car dealership and high-end PROsignment store based out of Saint Louis, Missouri. We specialize specifically on PROsignment across the midwest, you can find more information under the “PROsignment” tab. Our goal is to provide a trustworthy, reliable, and extraordinary experience to all of our customers. Whether it be purchasing, selling, PROsigning, transportation, or service, we can assist in all aspects of the business. Do not hesitate to call us today!



Parker Gelber

Some people are only knowledgeable about sitting behind the wheel of a car to enjoy a nice drive, but others have a complete understanding of what makes a car worth buying and using. They are the true exotic car dealers, and Parker Gelber, the founder of RP Exotics, is one of them.

Parker is a man with an extreme love for cars that are not your regulars. He is a diligent man with quality years of experience in the business. He started his exotic car journey at the age of 15 as an intern at a local supercar dealership where he gathered knowledge about many aspects of the business.

He moved from an internship, to social media marketing, and eventually began buying and selling exotic cars across the country at just 17 years old. He has bought and sold luxury cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche and lots more over the years.

His company, RP Exotics is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction all the time by helping them to sell and acquire high-end luxury cars whenever it is needed at the best possible prices.

He is an experienced man in both the wholesale and retail side of the business and a genuine lover of exotic cars, especially Porsche and Lamborghini. He will always ensure that you get the right service and care in the exotic car industry.



Alex Long

From a young age Alex has always had a passion for cars, motorcycles and anything fast. It was a natural fit when he started in the automotive industry at 19 years old selling for a Chevrolet Hummer dealership while going to school, pursuing a degree in Advertising. While at the Chevrolet store, he learned what he loved- meeting new people and driving many different cars. Upon graduation, Alex jumped back into the automotive sector and started with a Honda dealership in the St. Louis area. Over the next five years, he moved from sales, to sales management, then to finance. Once valuable experience was gained, he was able to pursue his true passion- Exotics.

Over the next three years, he worked for an independent Exotic car dealer and handled sales from front to back. Working with the cars everyday provided valuable experience with many different cars in the “ultra-luxury” segment. Learning their service intervals, pitfalls, pros, and cons, proved invaluable experience. Fast forward to today- Alex and Parker Gelber own and operate their own store specializing in high end and exotic automobiles. Alex and Parker have a simple mission- provide the best service in a timely fashion in the most professional manner.